APplied storytelling

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
— Rudyard Kipling


 Alan worked for 29 years at IBM, including 7 years as Site General Counsel for the Research Triangle Park NC location. One of his responsibilities was to provide training and education to IBM management on a variety of legal topics through seminars, lectures, and workshops. It was a challenge to find a way to present these rather dry and boring topics in a way that would be memorable to an audience that was attending only because it was required by the company. Alan’s approach was to weave stories into his presentations and teach by story. The audience reviews of his training sessions improved dramatically when he applied storytelling techniques when delivering these educational modules. Storytelling is a powerful and effective tool in most any profession and those who are able to artfully and skillfully apply these skills have a unique advantage in the marketplace of ideas.







Whether you are a salesperson, a lawyer, a teacher, a pastor, a counselor or any other professional, your effectiveness can be improved by improving your communication skills through Applied Storytelling.


Alan has developed and can customize seminar and workshop programs that teach the effective application of storytelling in almost any career.


Alan’s workshops will teach you how to use storytelling: 

– to grab and hold your audience’s attention in a way that will ensure they understand and remember your message,

– to enable your employees and staff to communicate more effectively and to operate as a team

– to market yourself, your products or your business, 

– to listen more effectively and understand your clients’ needs. 

An asset to any program, Alan is an entertainer of many generations. He provides a wonderful service of a nearly lost art form. We applaud his storytelling ability.
— Ron I. Jones, Coordinator of Children's Services